Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Help grant a family their baby!

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!!!

This year Jason and I have the MOST to be thankful for out of all our Thanksgivings thus far. We can not believe what our lives have brought us over the past year. Last weekend we received the most amazing gift we could ever receive. We were given the gift of possibly bringing our baby home to us. Thanks to Sarah's Laughter and Dr. Bobby Webster we will be starting our IVF journey in 2015. There are not enough words in the english dictionary to explain what this means to us. Throughout this journey we have met countless couples who are walking our same steps and every single one of them have changed our lives forever. This is why Jason and I want to pay it forward. We have made it our goal for the New Year to give another couple the same gift that we were given. If God has already sent you your babies then let's help get the rest of those baby angels to their Mom's and Dad's. If you are struggling through this same battle help your infertility family :) TRUST ME, you never know when a miracle will happen to you.


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